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Home Inspections are Important

Building Codes continue to evolve to make homes safer and more energy efficent. Homes built over the past decades, continue to bring serious challenges to home owners. These challenges quite often cannot be seen and are not only expensive but in some cases, like mold, seriously affect your family’s health. That is why it is important to get a home inspection on any home you invest.

The photo to the left is an example of a Prince Rupert home built in the past 30-50 years that shows its okay with what you can see; but below the home’s surface the foundation is built on dirt, stumps, sand and has no water drainage or proper foundation footings or foundation walls - something that today is totally unacceptable. So the home you are considering investing - what serious challenges can you not see?

A Northern BC Study published statistics on homes and specifically for Prince Rupert says “The housing stock is also older than most northern BC communities. At the time of the Census, more than three-quarters (76.3%) of Prince Rupert’s housing stock was at least 35 years old, having been constructed in or before 1980; more than one-third of homes were over 50 years old. Only 95 homes in the study, representing less than 2% of the housing stock, were constructed since 2001. Reflective of the age of the housing stock, 15% of homes in the study were reported as being in need of “major repair”. However, the proportion of households reported to be living in unsuitable housing, according to the National Occupancy Standards was below the BC average.